Blind Eye Books is an independent press dedicated to publishing science-fiction and fantasy stories with gay and lesbian protagonists. Our books span a wide variety of styles, settings and themes, but they are always exciting and positive. They are heart-pounding and heart-warming, sensual and sensational. In short, they are stories that we love and are proud to present to the world.

New & Upcoming Releases

Blind Eye Books Super-Intern Caitlin Cohen Interviews Dal Maclean!

  Caitlin Cohen is our current intern at Blind Eye Books and is a writer at What’s Up magazine. Recently she sat down with Dal Maclean to talk about her upcoming release, Bitter Legacy. Caitlin: Could you describe the moment you discovered you wanted to be an author? Dal: I wouldn’t say there was a […]

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Entrevista en español con Ginn Hale y Arrate Hidalgo

Interview in English ¡Hola! Os habla Mady, miembro en prácticas de Blind Eye Books. Hace poco tuve el placer de entrevistar a Ginn Hale (autora de títulos como Lord of the White Hell, Champion of the Scarlet Wolf y parte de la nueva antología Irregulars) y a Arrate Hidalgo, traductora del inglés y editora de […]

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Interview with Ginn Hale & Arrate Hidalgo on translations

Entrevista en español aquí. Hello again from Mady, here with a Blind Eye Books exclusive! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ginn Hale (author of such titles as Lord of the White Hell, Champion of the Scarlet Wolf, and part of new anthology Irregulars) and Arrate Hidalgo, English-to-Spanish translator and sci-fi editor. These lovely […]

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